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In the midst of terror and destitution,
the world still needs heroes. The general population
at large goes to bed at night wishing that
someday, somehow, someone will come...
That time is now.
In the heart of hearts,
deep in the soul of every living creature
there dwell a story and for every story
there dwell a piece of earth that a city rests.
Those untold stories and unsolved mysteries
start here...

City Earth.


This is a Hampton Roads based comic book company. Stories built in and around the Hampton Roads cities and surrounding area.

Corruption runs rampant throughout our cities. politicians and police are on the take. There are few who actually uphold the law. During this new era government conspiracies are more fact than fiction. Deviation from the ideals of the American way of life to the debased erroneous life of the adulteration and illegitimate private gain of political waywardness, is the attraction of people of power.

Order must triumph over chaos. Our heroes have a task before them and maybe only their faith can get them through.


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City Earth Cover Gallery

Regular Cover

Cordy Art

1 in 5 Dealer Incentive Cover

Cordy Art

Special Limited to 50 Prints Cordy Art

Virginia Beach Edition Cover

Special Limited to 50 Prints Cordy Art

Zombie Variant Edition Cover

"Finger" Regular Cover Cordy Art April 2015 Released

"Rift" Villain Variant Cover Cordy Art April 2015 Released

"MindScape" Cover Cordy Art 2016 Released

"Thumper" Photo Variant Cover Cordy Art 2016 Released

"Soul Space" Variant Cover Cordy Art 2016 Released

"Anime" Variant Cover Cordy Art 2016 Released

"Homage" Variant Cover Cordy Art 2016 Released

"Carolina" Cover Cordy Art 2016 Released

"Soul" Variant Cover Larry Stroman Art 2016 Released

Issue #5 Not Shown Coming Soon

"Waterfront" Cover Cordy Art 2018 Release

"Zeno's" Variant Cover Brian Lacy Art 2018 Release




Store Locations

Atlantis Comics, 2862 Airline Blvd., Portsmouth, VA 23701

Atlantis Comics, 9649 1st View street, Norfolk, VA 23503

Benders Books & Cards, 22 S Mallory Street, Hampton, Virginia 23663

Ebony Arts & Gifts, Chesapeake Square Mall, 4200 Portsmouth Blvd. Chesapeake, VA 23321

Fantasy Escape Comics & Cards, 309 Aragona Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Heroes & Villains, 1152 Big Bethel Road, Hampton, VA 23666

Trilogy Comics, 5773 Princess Anne Rd, Va. Beach, VA 23462

Trilogy Comics, 700 E. little Creek Rd., Norfolk, VA 23518

Zeno's Books, 1112 Sparrow Road, Cesapeake, VA 23325


More Locations to Come.

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